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Artisan SMS Gateway is an easy-to-use system that enables you to send a wide range of SMS messages to mobile phones at low cost. We provide our services to organizations, companies and individuals, which enables you to send SMS messages to your advertising and marketing campaigns, to communicate with your customers or friends or family or events and more.

SMS Points Unit Price (Hallah) Total Price (SAR)
10000 7.00 SAR 700
30000 6.50 SAR 1950
50000 6.00 SAR 3000
100000 5.50 SAR 5500
250000 SAR 5.25 SAR 13125
500000 5.00 SAR 25000
1000000 4.50 SAR 45000

Why Choose Us?

We send your message easily to all mobile operators in Saudi Arabia

Ensure Accessibility

We ensure deliver your messages easily to all mobile operators in Saudi Arabia

Authorized Service Provider

We seek to achieve all the legal requirements for all customers

Fast SMS Delivered

Our goal is to deliver your message as quickly as possible to all operators

Protect Rights

We protect your information and financial rights according to the terms of our service provided


Keep all messages sent through you and save your contact groups easily

24/7 Support

We are at your service throughout the year without interruption until the holidays

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