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Send message (GET / POST Method)
Compulsory variables
Username &username
Password &password
Message &message
Numbers &numbers
Sender Name &sender
Optional variables
It is responsible for data return Return
To return the result in Json format, type &return=Json
To return the result in XML format, type &return=string
When the return return is empty, the balance is shown and not the code 117 - the balance has been obtained
If it is not placed in the link, it sends the duplicate numbers
If a value of 0 is placed, it sends to duplicate numbers
If it is set to 1, it does not send to duplicate numbers
Sending later should be as follows
&datetime= YYYY-mm-dd HH:mm
Error Code
Error code 100 Received successfully
Error code 101 Data is incomplete
Error code 102 Invalid username
Error code 103 Invalid password
Error code 104 Database error
Error code 105 Balance is insufficient
Error code 106 Unavaliable sender name
Error code 107 Sender name is blocked
Error code 108 No invalid numbers to send
Error code 109 Can not send more than 8 clips
Error code 110 Error saving sending result
Error code 111 Sending message is close
Error code 112 Sending message is close
Error code 113 Account not activated
Error code 114 Suspended Account
Error code 115 Not activated mobile
Error code 116 Not activated email
Error code 117 The message is empty and can not be sent
Error code 1015 Sender name is empty
Error code 1014 Receiver number is empty
Error code 1013 Message text is not placed
Error code 1010 Error encoding
Error code 1011 Username is empty
Error code 1012 Password is empty
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